Rhodium Plating

white gold rings – plated in rhodium

Platinum Plating

copper pendant – plated in platinum

Ruthenium Plating

copper pendant – plated in ruthenium


Platinum, Rhodium, Ruthenium and Palladium are very bright and hard and belong to the Platinum Group of Metals. When plating these precious metals, only a very thin layer (flash coating) is applied. This is sufficient because of the hardness of  the metal.

White gold jewellery is typically plated in rhodium or platinum to improve its brilliance. So if you are looking for a bright white gold finish we can achieve this with rhodium/platinum plating. For instance if you have a yellow gold ring and would prefer it looking white, rhodium or platinum would be the metals of choice. Similarly, if your white gold jewellery is lacking luster, replating it in rhodium or platinum would make it shine the way it was when new.

Ruthenium is unusual because of its gunmetal grey colour and luster. Ruthenium is becoming more and more popular as an attractive surface finish for jewellery and other decorative pieces.

Further to its decorative uses, platinum and rhodium plating are often specified in technical applications for their catalytic properties.