Traditionally our work has been in the area of decorative finishes. Many of our customers are jewellers, restorers and craftsmen, who appreciate our attention to detail and excellent and consistent workmanship.

Antennae Components

silver plated brass

Grub Screws

copper plated steel


gold plated stainless steel

Fuel Cell Current Collectors

gold plated copper

Electrical Contacts

gold plated brass


selectively gold plated stainless steel

Dome Contacts

gold plated stainless steel with intermediate nickel strike

Threaded Pins

rhodium plated stainless steel with intermediate nickel strike

Over the years we have become more and more involved in scientific projects and technical applications. Whether it is single components or batches of 1000s of pieces, please contact us for a competitive quote. Our barrel apparatus enables us to offer cost effective copper, nickel, silver and gold plating of small scale components.

Please email us drawings/photos for a quote.