Gold Plating Services

We offer gold plating services in the UK using both in-tank and brush plating systems.

24ct Yellow Gold

Our in-tank gold plating solution produces a hard 24ct gold deposit. A very small amount of cobalt is co-deposited which makes the deposit harder and more wear-resistant than pure gold. The appearance is rich and lustrous without being too yellow. It is perfect for jewellery and ornamental as well as technical applications. This is our most cost effective gold plating option and typically costs 20% less than the 18ct options.

We use brush gold plating on items which are too large for the electroplating tank or which require selective plating, see chalice below, which is gold plated on the inside and silver plated on the outside.

Further gold plating solutions include:

18ct Yellow Gold

Slightly paler than our 24ct gold, this solution is perfect for watch cases and matching 18ct jewellery.

18ct Rose Gold

18ct Rose gold solution for jewellery and decorative pieces. Rose gold contains some copper, which gives it its distinctive rose colour.


Stainless Steel Bolts

Wood’s Nickel Strike – gold plated in 24ct

Brass Chalice

gold plated on inside – silver plated on outside

Silver Necklace

plated in 18ct rose gold