Polishing and cleaning are essential processes of electroplating. Bright and reflective electroplated finishes can only be achieved when the pieces are polished prior to plating. CIR Electroplating is fully equipped with mop polishers and tumble burnishers to carry out this work. When we quote for electroplating work we will normally expect to have to do a small amount of final polishing. Deep scratches, dents or pits will remain visible after plating. For an extra charge we will endeavour to polish out such marks using abrasive polishes, but this is not always possible. When plating silver ware or antiques, we usually strike a compromise by giving the piece a good general polish, but without attempting to remove deeper marks – after all they make the character of the piece. We also undertake soldering and other repair jobs.

Satin Finishes

When a matt or satin finish is required, this will have to be applied to the surface prior to plating, please talk to us with your requirements.


We can also repair and re-solder objects prior to plating.

Bright Acid Dipping

A very effective method for cleaning and removing tarnish from copper and its alloys

Cleaning and Degreasing

Most importantly, directly prior to plating, the pieces will have to be thoroughly cleaned and degreased. We use an ultrasonic tank cleaner as well as an electro-cleaner for this.