Our Prices depend on global precious metal prices, the size and quantity of items and the condition of the items. In some cases most of the time is spent on preparation and polishing.

Our minimum plating charge is £30 + p&p + VAT. This would normally cover silver-plating an item the size of a tea spoon, or gold plating a pendant or ring. The charge per item could be significantly lower if there are many items.

We can usually give an approximate estimate over the phone, once we know the dimensions. An emailed photograph helps.

Once we have received the item, we can provide a definite price.

You are welcome to deliver your item in person or send it in.


Once we have completed the job, we will call you with the invoice total, take a card payment over the phone and send the item back to you. Of course you are also welcome to send in a cheque or make a bacs payment if you prefer.